Teeth shape templates for digital smile design and 3D restoration design

3D shapes of teeth in STL format, as well as for EXOCAD
2D PPTX, PSD and PNG templates for smile design
3D demo models in STL format
The use of one library in the form of 2D and 3D templates allows you to design a digital smile design, a waxup, as well as a restoration or prosthesis using one teeth shape
Designing a digital smile
Designing a waxup
Manufacturing structure

Demo Models designed for creating training and introductory templates, as well as making demo orders, testing of equipment and materials. Models are intended for use in dental offices, dental laboratories,seminars, master classes, exhibitions, educational institutions and dental stores. 3D demo models are presented in STL format and have several kits to simulate teeth in complete anatomy, treated teeth, teeth, prepared for inlays, fillings and veneers, as well as missing teeth, crowns, inlays and teeth designed for bridges. Thus, using the whole set, you can create a model with a huge variety of defects and designs that will correspond to it. You can make a real model from a set of 3D objects from mountain range of materials by 3D printing, or 3D milling.